Grandparents Ask for Help

A growing number of grandparents are finding themselves as guardians for their grandchildren – over 54,000 in South Carolina alone. Unfortunately, while these grandparents love their grandchildren, they may not have the physical health, resources, and other supports needed to raise them.

For some of these grandparents, Thornwell has come alongside to help them nurture and guide the child. One young man, Colton, came to live at Thornwell when his grandparents determined that they lacked the resources to provide the nurturing environment and the academic stimulus that he so needed.

Today, Colton is thriving at Thornwell.  As one of eight boys in a cottage, with family teachers to guide his way, he receives the spiritual, mental, social, and academic guidance he needs.  He enjoys interacting with his peers, participating in extracurricular activities, and continues to make the honor roll in school.

Colton’s grandmother is proud to be a part of his ongoing success. She and Colton stay in regular contact through emails, phone calls, and visits. Thornwell’s programs enabled Colton to receive the care he needs while maintaining his family relationships.

Please visit the Family-style Residential Care page to learn more about the program that made such an impact in Kylie’s life. Want to read another story? Visit the Real Stories page to read more examples of how Thornwell has helped children and families..

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