Help Mother, Help Daughter

Libby was failing in school, and her relationship with her mother was strained. They fought every day about Libby’s room, her appearance, how she spent her time, and her lack of effort in school. Libby’s mother didn’t know how to put their relationship back on track and asked a family specialist from Thornwell’s Building Families program for help. With the family specialist’s intervention, Libby and her mother have learned valuable skills to strengthen their relationship.

Libby’s mother said that setting boundaries and offering praise has worked wonders, often setting the tone for the day.  Libby has learned to accept “no” for an answer and to express her feelings calmly.  With their family specialist’s help, mother and daughter are working on their communication skills through role play, games, and outings.  Both say that their relationship is “back on track.”

Libby and her mother worked with the family specialist for 12 weeks. Three months isn’t enough time to repair a relationship and guarantee it’ll remain healthy. To help them along the way, their family specialist stayed in contact with Libby and her mother throughout the year to continue to offer support and guidance.

How can a family participate in the Building Families program? Check out the Building Families In-Home program page for more information on how the program works. Or you can check out the Real Stories page to see another example of how Thornwell builds tomorrow’s families today.

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