a little girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes stares at the cameraThe police found ten-year-old Samantha and her three sisters living under the crawl space of their house. They were dirty, hurt, and hungry because of their mother’s neglect and drug use. Samantha remembers the time the police came.

“They knocked down the door,” Samantha said. “My little sister was crying. My oldest sister kept telling her to be quiet and not make any noise like Mama told us to.”

Because of the incident, Samantha and her sisters were removed from her parents’ care and brought to Thornwell. Here, they found a place where they’re safe and loved.

Although their mother neglected them due to her drug addiction, Samantha says she still misses her. But, for the first time, the girls are learning what it’s like to have parents who love and support them every day.

They get help with their homework, new clothes for school, and healthy food to eat. And they all enjoy having their own bedroom with a clean place to sleep.

Over the years, Thornwell has helped hundreds of neglected children like Samantha and her siblings. We’ve provided love, food, shelter, and safety for children when they’ve needed it most.

You can give to Thornwell online if you’re interested in helping us support our mission of caring for neglected children like Samantha. Visit the Real Stories page for more examples of how Thornwell has served children and families.