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Serving Children and Families in All Circumstances

Navigating Early Childhood Development via Virtual Learning

An essential component of our continuum of care is our unique, full-service Child Development Center (CDC), focused not only on the children who attend but also on their families. Each child’s family has access to all services Thornwell offers: personalized growth plans, therapy, in-home visits, workforce and college readiness programs, educational opportunities, community events, and trauma assistance.

COVID-19 has disrupted so much, but it has not changed our commitment to offering support, hope, and healing to the children and families we serve. In fact, this season has only made it even more clear that our CDC teachers are the most loving, patient teachers of their kind!

You can imagine how wild it has been to adjust infants, toddlers, and preschool students to remote learning! Thanks to you and your generous support, our teachers have been trained and equipped for a time such as this.

Teachers have demonstrated their expertise by implementing creative ways to stay engaged with their students. They’ve shared videos of daily reading time, taught about farm animals virtually (even bringing in their own chicken for the full effect!), and dropped off arts and crafts for the children to do at home.

When students didn’t have access to the internet or to a video conference, the teachers went above and beyond to make sure they understood the lessons being taught.

One teacher drove to her student’s home and helped her with a lesson through the doorway until it clicked. Another mailed her students a “Flat Stanley” version of herself and a bingo game so the kids would have a fun way to remember her and stay engaged.

Your support has been essential in our transition to virtual learning and in our ability to provide resources and necessities to families who need it most!

With proper social distancing protocols, our teachers continue home visits to support not only their students, but their entire families. Thanks to you, we provide diapers and wipes to those who need them and work with each family to ensure their children were continuing to grow and learn throughout this season.

It’s your generous heart that makes all the difference! Thank you for making it possible for these families to receive the care and support they need, especially now!

You can give today to impact countless children and families through our CDC.

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