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“It truly blessed my soul.”

Parenting does not come with an instruction manual. Many times, we have used skills passed down from our parents, only to discover they may not be the healthiest of skills to use. This was the case for Glenda, a grandmother raising her 10-year-old grandson. They recently graduated from Thornwell’s Strengthening Families program, a fourteen-week family program on Thornwell’s Clinton, SC campus designed to help families strengthen their bond through education, enrichment, and community.

Thanks to your incredible generosity, the program helps parents, caregivers, and their children through tried-and-true solutions to help with problem behaviors, social struggles, and navigating difficult circumstances.

Holding back tears of joy, Glenda said the lessons learned, the connections with other families, and the support of program leaders have changed their lives. “I just enjoyed it so much. There was so much love, and the teachers were so patient, so respectful, and so encouraging,” said Glenda. “It is hard to try and find people to encourage you in life. It truly blessed my soul.”

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