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Strengthening Families is a Critical Support System

Strengthening Families is a Critical Support System, Helping Parents Succeed at Home

You Offer Hope and Healing to Children and Families

One of the best examples of how your generosity reaps tremendous spiritual and emotional rewards is Thornwell’s Strengthening Families program.

Strengthening Families teaches family and parenting skills designed to help parents cope with problem behaviors, improve social and relationship abilities, and grow as a healthy family unit. These are critical skills that make a huge difference in transforming a family into a happier, healthier one filled with hope for the future.

You make it all possible!

Single mom Lekeisha and her three children just graduated from the Strengthening Families program, after completing a 14-week commitment to positive change.

Prior to enrolling, Lekeisha tells us she struggled to spend quality time with her children and give them the proper guidance they needed. As a result, her kids did poorly in school, were demanding, and essentially ran the house according to their impulses. Because two of her kids didn’t have their father, it was simply easier for Lekeisha to just say “yes” to their demands and let them have their way.

It wasn’t that she couldn’t be bothered to be a good mom. She felt guilty about their predicament and didn’t want her kids to “go without” the things they wanted. She was just filling the parental void with things to satisfy her children’s short-term “wants.” What they really needed, however, was a mom who was present and who established boundaries.

Because you care about healthy families, Lekeisha has come to understand that she wasn’t fixing anything by her actions; rather, she was encouraging more bad behavior and making an already difficult situation that much worse. The weekly classes taught her how to deal with her children’s behavior, assert her parental role, and become a better, more engaged mom.

Now, a reinvigorated Lekeisha understands her leadership position in the family, and she is respected by her kids. That has led to her children doing more to help out at home with chores and responsibilities. The kids have also gained a lot of confidence, which has translated into participation in school activities and sports. All three children have dramatically improved their grades and are now on the honor roll.

They are now a family of high-fives and comforting hugs. The previous disrespect and yelling has now been replaced by cooperation and frequent outbursts of “I love you.” Lekeisha is filled with the joy of a peaceful and loving household that wants to be together. As she puts it, “Strengthening Families taught us how to be a real family. We learned how to overcome things we never thought we could overcome.” What an incredible transformation!

It’s all thanks to you and your generous support of Thornwell’s mission. 

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts…and so do Lekeisha and her children!

You can give today to impact more families like Lekeisha’s.

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