Hope and joy come from the overflow of giving.

Be a partner with us to change communities one family at a time.



You’re a gift to us! This special time of year reminds us of the unique privilege we have to partner with churches like you to help children and families in need.

Thornwell Emphasis Month represents a long-standing tradition of faithful friends who so generously advocate for Thornwell and bring awareness to the needs that exist within our communities.

Because you care, hearts are connected to our mission and an overflow of their giving brings hope and joy to children and families who have, perhaps, never tasted the goodness of the Lord. What a rich blessing to celebrate!

We invite you to join us for Thornwell Emphasis Month 2019!

You’ll be equipped with a bundle of resources to tell the story of our Father and how He’s leading us to care for the least of these.

To participate, simply complete and return the enclosed reply card. You can also order these same materials online at thornwell.org/thanksgiving.

If your church prefers to celebrate Thornwell Emphasis Month during a month outside of November, we invite you to share that with us, too. We’ll ensure the timely delivery of your package.

The need is great, but together we are transforming communities one family at a time.

Materials Available to Order

Please let us know how many of the following materials you need by completing this order form: