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A New Vision

*Above image is an artist rendering of the future Maple Street entrance.

After being dormant for approximately 10 years, the farm at Thornwell is being reinvented into a vibrant enterprise to support Thornwell’s mission, to build strong children and families, while enhancing the surrounding communities. Our team has completed extensive studies with Thornwell leadership, state agribusiness experts, community leaders, and other stakeholders, and we have a thoughtful, long-term plan for the farm at Thornwell. Currently, we now have four farm staff and have begun with our first animal and specialty crop enterprises for the farm. We have started land improvements including the perimeter fence, working areas, and rotational crop plots and layouts. Necessary equipment purchases have been made. Each aspect of the farm has been carefully thought out, ensuring efficient land use, opportunities for value added items from the products produced, and positive impacts and opportunities for Thornwell and the surrounding communities.

The farm at Thornwell, located on 340 acres on the Thornwell campus in Clinton, will feature local agricultural products, opportunities for the community, event space and more.

Accessible through a dedicated entrance on W. Maple Street, the farm at Thornwell will be a working farm providing locally produced agriculture products, learning opportunities with livestock and family friendly festivals and markets throughout the year.

The Farm at Thornwell is an extension of Thornwell’s mission to build strong families, one child at a time. The children and families of Thornwell and the local community will thrive as they experience the crops, local products, and livestock who call the farm home. As good stewards of the land we’ve been entrusted with, the farm at Thornwell has been carefully planned to ensure it is sustainable and beneficial to both Thornwell and the local community.

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Brandon Bowers

Director of Thornwell Farm


Interested in finding out more about the farm at Thornwell? Feel free to call or email our farm director, Brandon Bowers. You can also fill out the form for more info.

Check back often for more info on the farm and exciting new announcements.

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