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Thornwell Unveils Three-Year Strategic Plan Leading to 150 Year Anniversary

Thornwell, a non-profit organization committed to serving children and families in need across Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina, is unveiling its three-year strategic plan, “Many Voices. One Mission.” The implementation of the strategic plan will lead to Thornwell’s celebration of 150 years in service to children and families in 2025. It highlights three identified strategic initiatives vital to the ongoing support of children and families: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), Programming, and Resources and Stewardship.

Thornwell’s three-year strategic plan is the product of months of whole system engagement and content generation, having been shaped and sharpened by the challenges of a global pandemic and our country’s heightened awareness of racial injustice. More than ever, Thornwell’s leadership recognized the utmost importance of many voices coming together to offer unique perspectives with one mission in mind.

“Our strategic plan is comprehensive in how we can have an even greater impact in the future,” said Rev. Myron Wilkins, President, and CEO of Thornwell. “This is a living, breathing plan that has been spoken into by all our staff from across our programs, our Board of Trustees, as well as the community to guide our steps over the next three years and beyond. It’s not simply a stagnating document that we can put on the shelf to say we have one. The diversity of ideas in this plan stands on the shoulders of our rich history while ensuring we are moving forward with excellence and equity.”

Thornwell will celebrate 150 years in service to children and families in 2025. As the ministry approaches this milestone, Thornwell is more committed than ever to innovative solutions that support and sustain the prevention of child abuse and neglect, building and reuniting families, and supporting healthy communities in the name of Jesus Christ. This strategic plan seeks to answer the question, “Who is Thornwell when we are at our best?” The plan represents hundreds of unique answers from leadership, staff, and external stakeholders in which common themes arose, and metrics were derived that will engage and inspire the ministry of Thornwell to year 150 and beyond.

“Scripture says that without a vision, the people perish. Our strategic plan is that vision that the ministry needs and must have to thrive and be all that it can be,” said Lindy Scott, Executive Vice President. “Working together to achieve these goals allows us to be the strong, forward-looking ministry that reaches more children and families than ever before.”

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About Thornwell 

Founded in 1875, Thornwell is a diverse non-profit ministry across South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida that serves to prevent child abuse and neglect, to build up and reunite families, and to support healthy communities in the name of Jesus Christ. Thornwell believes family changes everything in a child’s life and addresses the welfare of children not as a singular event, but rather as a comprehensive, ongoing cycle of services and support designed to help children and families, no matter their stage of life. Learn more about Thornwell and the services they provide for children and families in need at

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