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Thornwell’s A.R.C. Residential Program Leads to a Love for Education!

School had always been a place of refuge for 14-year-old Andrea. She loved sitting at her school desk, opening new books, and choosing her favorite color highlighter to take notes. School also meant safety, security, and a dependable meal. You see, things at home were not easy.

Last year, Andrea’s older sister, Brianna, left the home they shared with their father to live in her own apartment. Brianna had been Andrea’s lifeline for as long as she could remember, ensuring that she got to school, her homework was complete, her clothes were clean, and she was fed. Now, in her absence, Andrea struggled doing it on her own, while also navigating an emotionally abusive relationship with her father.

Burdened by the stress of her situation, Andrea struggled with anxiety, depression, anger, disrupted sleep and self-harm. Feeling embarrassed, alone, and with no one around to keep her accountable to her schoolwork, Andrea continually fell behind and insecurities consumed her. When she eventually stopped attending altogether, she was placed in the custody of the South Carolina Department of Social Services.

Because you believe that ALL children should have a safe, loving environment where they can learn and grow, Andrea was placed in Thornwell’s A.R.C Residential Program and began a journey towards healing.

For the first time in a long time, Andrea had a support system that would fight for her success. As Andrea entered Thornwell Charter School, she initially felt terrified, and reminders of past disappointment flooded her mind. Still, she remembered they joy that school used to bring and longed for that again. She worked weekly in individual therapy and realized that the better she felt on the inside, the easier it was to concentrate in the classroom. Before long, she started to rediscover herself. Friendships were found, her passion for learning grew, and Andrea began to find peace within herself. She even ended the school year with five A’s on her report card.

During her time at Thornwell, her sister, Brianna, visited twice a month and shared with Andrea’s therapists that she had been working hard to create a safe home where Andrea could live. The following summer, DSS completed a home study on Brianna’s new home. Andrea had transitional weekend visits with her sister to foster a new and healthy home environment. She now had her own room and a desk where she could do her homework.

Today Andrea is reunited with her sister and has unearthed her passion for education. Andrea says she now aspires to become a teacher and help others achieve their goals.

Does this story sound a little bit familiar? We want you to know that you’re not alone. We know your journey has been really hard, and we also know better is possible. Thornwell created the A.R.C. Residential Program for families just like yours.

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