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Thornwell’s Matching Challenge Has Begun | Nov. 7th – Nov. 23rd

Some extraordinary friends of Thornwell have come together with a $200,000 matching fund!

From November 7th through November 23rd, your gift of any amount today will be doubled!

Give now and do twice the good before the challenge runs out!

Make a lasting impact this season. By giving $10, $25, $50, or $100 today (or set up a monthly gift!) YOU help children and families start towards a lasting change. No donation is too small as each gift changes the lives of children and others who experience poverty, homelessness, and/or need mental health services by aiding in their support towards the love and healing they so desperately need.

You can make a child’s life better. Not for a short period of time, but lasting change. You’ll improve lives beyond measure – forever! Together we will do TWICE THE GOOD!

Below are a few examples of how matching challenge gifts will be used for several items needed at Thornwell:

  • Background checks on foster care families
  • Medical and Dental needs for children living on campus
  • Therapeutic needs like equestrian, art, and clinical therapy
  • Spiritual formation by providing bibles and devotionals
  • 3K preschool scholarships for Child Development Center families (underserved)
  • Clothing and immediate needs items (toiletries, shoes, etc.) for children in care that come with little to no personal items

Right now your gift will be doubled $1 for $1. A $25 donation turns into $50, a $50 donation turns into $100, and so on.

To change a life visit: or mail a check today!

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