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Today is the day you help turn Marcus’ life around!

Today is the day you can help turn Marcus’ life around!

At age 15, Marcus has had a hard life.

He suffers from substance abuse and has missed so much school that he is far, far behind.

You may be thinking, “that’s not the life a 15-year-old should live!” You would be right. Together, we can help Marcus heal and get back on track

Will you give today to help kids like Marcus regain their life?

Your donation will help now more than ever! Your gift can provide a caring home, therapy, nutritious meals, and tutoring— which makes all the difference for children who have suffered so much.

As a teenager, he is doing his best to overcome challenges no young person should have to face. Just a few months ago, Marcus came to Thornwell when his uncle and grandmother needed trusted professionals to intervene and help. Because you care, we can provide therapeutic support, bring him up to speed with his education, and allow him to heal in a caring home – all while his uncle and grandmother are invited to be a part of the process. Living at Thornwell doesn’t mean you don’t see or talk to your family. We’re all part of Marcus’ healing – you, me, his family, and all the professionals guiding him!

Now more than ever, children and families need loyal and dedicated givers like you.

Like you, I can hardly imagine how painful it is for Marcus to get through his trauma. Today you can turn those fears into courage! The courage to let Marcus know someone cares and believes in his ability to succeed.

Fortunately, Marcus can get the aid he desperately needs. You make that possible through your giving to Thornwell.

Friend, your heart is made of pure gold. Thank you for being compassionate and supporting healthy futures for children like Marcus!

For children and families,

Lindy Scott, Interim President

P.S.:  Please consider a one-time or monthly gift. Your gift will make a difference. 
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