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Together, We Can!

You are part of the support system that’s helping parents succeed at home.

In a national survey, more than 50% of parents reported they could do a better job parenting. Parenting and discipline problems are every household’s best-kept secret, and almost half of all parents report needing more support.

Thanks to you, families like the Sanchezes are getting the support they need to grow stronger together. 

Ms. Sanchez was exhausted and overwhelmed when she called Thornwell’s Building Families team. Her daughters, Jenna and Jolie, didn’t get along, and her oldest was especially aggressive and disobedient. Ms. Sanchez was personally struggling with anxiety, and she was unable to find mental health services in her community. It had all become too much, and she knew she couldn’t do it alone.

Because of you, she was supported. 

Thornwell’s Building Families Specialist met with Ms. Sanchez and the girls in their home and on their schedule. The specialist helped the family diffuse their tension, and it wasn’t long before the girls began opening up to one another. After a few visits, the Sanchez girls were connecting and communicating in healthy ways, for the first time in a long time. And, because all relationships take work, the girls also learned invaluable coping skills to combat the breakdowns as they occurred. Progress!

The Sanchez girls were connecting and communicating in healthy ways, for the first time in a long time.

Ms. Sanchez said, “Building Families has made a huge difference in my family. I’ve learned how to demonstrate what it means to be respectful, and in return, my girls have learned to respect one another. They even enjoy being together!

Her oldest daughter, Jenna, benefitted from Building Families in so many ways. Ms. Sanchez noticed shortly into the process that she didn’t have to give Jenna instructions on her hygiene anymore; she took initiative to take care of herself. She also noticed a significant difference in her attitude and willingness to be around others.

Ms. Sanchez shared, “This program – and the activities we did throughout it – have given me hope and inspiration for a brighter future for our family, especially for my girls.

Your generous heart makes all the difference. Thank you for caring about and helping families in need! 

You can give today to impact more families like the Sanchezes.

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