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Together, we’ll see this through.

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We’re on the front line.

Today is the day you get to take fear and exchange it for humanity.

I wish you could meet Regina.

You would understand her completely, even though her life is very different from yours.

Regina lives in a family-like residential cottage on Thornwell’s campus. Like many children in our community, she came to Thornwell to receive loving care and safe shelter when her family couldn’t provide that for her.

In a time of uncertainty and crisis, the demand on Thornwell’s staff and resources is greater than we’ve seen in decades. Vulnerable children like Regina are hit the hardest. They come to us with great uncertainty, and we are called to help them in every way possible.

As we pray for the good health and safety for everyone, we ask that you consider an immediate contribution to help children and families with the most need. Your compassion is needed now more than ever.

Thornwell is responding to the immediate needs on our campus and for children and families affected by food insecurity.

You can make a difference right now for children and families suffering real hardship from school closings and work interruptions.

We appreciate and covet your prayers and support. Together, we will see this through.


give now


All donations will be used for children living on campus like Regina and those served throughout our ministry suffering hardship during this time. As the situation evolves, Thornwell leadership will direct funds to the highest and greatest needs.

Please consider a one-time or monthly gift. Your gift will make all the difference.

by Rev. Elliot M. Smith, President

P.S. The health of our staff, children and families we serve, and the communities where we live and work are our top priorities. You can find more information on how we are serving, making decisions regarding COVID-19, and supporting communities here.

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