Transitional Living Program

You probably remember the village of people who helped you transition from high school or college to life as an adult. And, if you didn’t have a village, you recognize how much easier life would have been had you had one. It’s not easy, and we all need help navigating life. But, sadly, many foster kids who reach 18 don’t have a support system to guide their transition.

Thornwell’s Clinton, SC-based transitional living program is designed to help young people ages 17-21 learn independent living skills necessary to balance life’s responsibilities. Students in the program receive:

  • Housing
  • Therapy and emotional support
  • Financial management and budget training
  • Workforce readiness tools, job training, and employment placement services
  • Education readiness, tutoring, and directional support
  • Community-building support

100% of our students meet their education goals!

We especially value community-building and education for the difference they make in the lives of our young people. A strong community helps young adults thrive long after a transition to the “real world” with assured connections who become more than a community. They become family.

Students are also held accountable to pursue a high school diploma/GED as well as higher education.


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