Volunteer To Help

There are many ways to volunteer to help our children and families.

God calls us to serve in many ways. Let us help you pick the volunteer activity that is the best fit for you and Thornwell.

If you’re interested in volunteering in any of the ways listed below, please email or call 1-888-310-9387 and ask for our Volunteer Coordinator Sarah Bowers.

Volunteer as an Individual

Because of the confidential nature of our ministry, direct volunteer contact with our children may be limited. This is to protect our children and our volunteers as well. The individual opportunities for a volunteer depend on your location. We require that you take a tour before volunteering.  Ways to volunteer as an individual might include:

  • Dropping off a frozen casserole dinner for one of our cottages
  • Providing craft supplies and ideas for our family support services programs
  • Babysitting young children during parenting classes

To volunteer as an individual, please contact Sarah Bowers  our volunteer coordinator

Volunteer as a Group

  • There are opportunities for youth groups to work on projects on our main campus in Clinton, SC. If you have a group, we invite you to:
  • Provide and serve dinner for one of our Strengthening Families Program sessions
  • General Cleaning and Groundskeeping: Tight budgets each year have forced us to cut back spending in many areas, and we could use the help. Various buildings need dusting, window and floor cleaning, and more. We also need help with weeding, cleaning grounds, and landscaping projects.
  • Groups are also needed to wash the interior and exterior of our agency vehicles that transport our children. We need supplies and labor for these types of projects.

To volunteer as a group, please email Sarah Bowers or call 864-938-2704.

Organize a Fundraiser or Host a Benefit

If you want to organize a fundraiser, no donation is too small. Whether it’s a community garage sale, spaghetti dinner, golf tournament, car wash, or bake sale, your group can help make a real difference by raising money. If you would like to host a benefit, suggest your office, business, or organization to host a party to benefit our children. This is especially great for holiday parties. We’re available to attend, speak, and bring Thornwell materials for display.

Organize a Supply Drive

Historical First Presbyterian Church building in downtown Salem, Oregon, in autumn day Organize a collection drive for paper products or hygiene items, snacks and juice boxes, books, or movie night items for our children and families. Providing the basic necessities for our children and families is a priority. Gift cards, gas cards, school supplies, new underwear and socks, and non-perishable food are other great ideas for a supply drive.

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