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Group Volunteer Application

We are so happy that your group is interested in volunteering with Thornwell!

Our volunteer groups are limited to 15 people. This way we can assure that work is meaningful and not too overwhelming for our children and staff on campus.

Overnight volunteers must be in or have completed at least 6th grade and day volunteers must be in or have completed at least 3rd grade. If you have members of your group younger than that, you will need to discuss with the Volunteer Coordinator. Groups should have a minimum adult to child ratio of 3:12 for Middle School and 2:13 for High School. Adults must be at least 18 years old AND at least 4 years older than the oldest teen/child.

To get everything started, please fill out the following application as well as the Gifts & Interests form so we can begin to plan your time with us and think about how the gifts of your group and the needs of Thornwell can be paired. Thank you!

If your group is staying on campus in Safay Cottage, a $100 deposit is due with this form and you will be contacted shortly for payment.

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