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William and Meneatrice Thank You!

Because you care so deeply for children, we’ve taken a bold leap of faith to address child welfare at its root–the family level–to prevent instability and breakdown before it ever happens.

Three years ago, we partnered with the Children’s Trust of SC and Gateway Counseling to bring Strengthening Families to South Carolina’s Laurens County. On September 3, we began our eighth cycle with 11 new families who will spend the next 14-weeks learning how to love, connect, and communicate with one another.

You are giving families this new start. 

You supported William and Meneatrice with your donations, but they are not just graduates of the program. Today, they also lead and teach Strengthening Families classes.

Your gift to Thornwell has multiplied! 

Your generosity gave William and Meneatrice a chance to learn and grow, and now, they’re giving back to others. You may never know the vast magnitude of your kindness.

Wow, thank you.

As William tells it, “Strengthening Families helped us learn to communicate. When we recognized that everyone in our family has a voice, we began to address some of the issues we were experiencing.”

Meneatrice echoes William’s sentiment about communication, and she expresses the importance of a family meeting, “It’s not just about us telling the kids what to do–it’s allowing the kids space to share and be heard, too.”

You would have melted at the sight of William and Meneatrice’s daughter, who spoke up at their graduation and expressed her excitement over the growth in their family.

You gave that little girl a voice.

Your gift of Strengthening Families made such an impact on this family that William and Meneatrice now lead the same classes in which they once participated.

William said, “I immediately bought into the program. The difference Strengthening Families made in our lives inspired us to do more; we want to make a difference by helping others learn what we’ve learned.”

The difference Strengthening Families made in our lives inspired us to do more.

“And we’re still in the process of learning and growing,” he continued. “It never ends. Each one, teach one.”

Strengthening Families Site Coordinator Ashley Smith says, “William and Meneatrice are full of life and encouragement. They are incredibly intentional and thoughtful to learn and know everyone’s name. It’s been so fun to watch their journey.”

You are providing new opportunities for healed families to help families. 

Meneatrice sums it all up, “This program is saving marriages and building stronger families.”

When a family gains access to loving support, resources, and care, it can change just about everything.

You make this possible!

You can make a gift today to impact more families like William and Meneatrice.

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