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Working at Thornwell | Making a Difference

Working at Thornwell is more than just a career! The change Thornwell brings, serves children and families for generations to come.

With 9 programs offered, Thornwell serves communities in the name of Jesus Christ through..

Family Services

Care Services

Academic Services


Take a moment to read a few quotes shared by our employees about why they love working at Thornwell.

I think the passion of my colleagues is what makes Thornwell special. It’s the idea of not necessarily the easiest thing, but whatever is best for a family or youth. Sometimes they don’t align, but staff is willing and equipped to help even if it’s hard.

Ken Haywald, A.R.C Residential Consultant/Trainer


What I love most about working at Thornwell is the people.  God has called the most genuine, passionate, and hardworking people to serve at Thornwell.  I love the ministry wide focus on serving children and families and the incredible dedication to the mission.

Rachel Crescibene, Advancement Officer – South Carolina


Since my first day on the job in the summer of 1984 until now, I have experienced many highs and lows at Thornwell. I was here in 2007 when the economic environment caused us to close programs to save the ministry, and I have been here since then to see the faith and perseverance of many who have worked tirelessly to create new and better programs that offer hope to children and families.  The same God who led Dr. Jacobs with the seed of a single coin to begin this ministry is still working in the hearts of His servants who are here today.

Norman Dover, Vice President for Educational Services


What I love most about Thornwell is the Christian atmosphere. Everyone here is dedicated to serving not only children, but their families and the community as a whole. Thornwell is a loving and accepting place to be and my coworkers share the same passion I have for making a difference.

Sarah Jane Scheirer, Marketing and Communications Specialist


I love that Thornwell invests in its employees and seeks, whenever possible, to make decisions that promote work/life balance and enhance supports to staff. You never feel like a cog in the machine, but are valued for YOU. Thornwell invests in advanced training for employees, like TBRI or funds for clinical staff to keep up with CEU’s. The organizational culture also makes it a point to seek staff feedback about how our work could be enhanced with changes to operations, or how our benefits package could better meet employee needs. Some examples I’ve seen are prioritizing budgetary funds for our Residential program to have catered meals and a designated Transporter to help reduce demands on staff time. Thornwell has consistently provided vision and dental coverage at NO COST to employees. The employer retirement contributions were also increased, and Thornwell has made incredible strides increasing hourly pay for part-time staff to ensure they are making living wage. I am proud to work for a non-profit organization that recognizes the financial realities of a resource constrained environment, and yet continues to prioritize funds to support its workforce.

Morgan Ednie, Vice President for Strategic Impact

Thornwell’s mission to prevent child abuse and neglect, build up and reunite families, and strengthen healthy communities in the name of Jesus Christ is carried out daily by its Board of Trustees and staff.
We desire professional and deeply committed, ministry-minded people who believe in accepting the challenge of working with children and families from various backgrounds. If you wish to serve children and families for the better learn more and view our open positions here.
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