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You can be the difference for Jalesa and her fight to SURVIVE!

Jalesa is 17 years old and has had to fight to survive. You see, Jalesa was told she wouldn’t amount to anything. Expelled from high school and addicted to drugs and alcohol (her cry for help from years of abuse), she arrived at Thornwell.

As we wind down summer and look toward a new school year for Thornwell kids, we’re eager to give the opportunity of education to Jalesa. Kind friends like you, help create possibilities for a better life – all because you care! You can give today to help Jalesa know she is worthy of love and an education.

With no diploma, Jalesa feels…well, hopeless. If you close your eyes and really try to place yourself in her worn and weary shoes, you may feel the same. Together, we can change that hopelessness into hopefulness.

This is the only life she’s known before coming to Thornwell.

But it doesn’t have to be her future if you step in.

Due to a long history of being abused, her permanent record was filled with truancy, drug use, and fighting. She is also very bright and has a love of art and computer science. Those are her defining features. Not the reactions to her hard life.

When I sat down with Jalesa, she told me she wanted a different life. She wants to earn her diploma.

That’s why I am writing you today. Will you join me today in supporting Jalesa, and kids just like her, who deserve opportunities to learn, grow and achieve their dreams? Your generous giving will help kids now.

When friends like you step in, children thrive. Jalesa told her summer tutor, “I’m going to show you that I want this. I’m going to graduate.” Your support can make that dream a reality!

Your gift today will make children’s lives better now. Not just for a few minutes, a few days, or even a few weeks. You’ll help open a world of possibilities not just for today, but for the future. Children like Jalesa have endured enough hardship. They need you now. Every child wants and deserves the opportunity to learn and reach their potential. Today, when you join me in giving, we can give them the opportunities they need –not just to survive but thrive. You can help turn trauma into triumph! You can make a difference right now in helping children get an education and a brighter future. For children and families,

Reverend Myron W. Wilkins, President and CEO

P.S.: Monthly giving is a great way to stretch your gift and sustain our mission all year long–head to to give.

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