You can change the future for Kaylee

The harsh reality of an organization devoted to safeguarding children is the stories of those who come to us are very real and very difficult. Stories of children like 12-year-old Kaylee. We thought we’d seen it all, but Kaylee broke our hearts. 

She came to us last week needing help immediately. She was severely underweight, and her stress levels were through the roof. She’s endured a scary childhood. 

Our community needs you. You can change the future for Kaylee and children like her.

The reality of COVID-19 is that defenseless children like Kaylee* are among the most affected – not necessarily by the virus, itself, but by the challenges that may come from lack of stability and not being “seen” by teachers and others who are trained to recognize signs of abuse and neglect. You’ve likely heard the headlines of these “unseen” children and your heart sinks at the statistics. Researchers and trained professionals are calling it a “perfect storm” as job loss, increased stress levels, decreased resources, and lack of coping skills have all contributed to surges in child maltreatment cases.  

Kaylee is not a stat. She is a real little girl who needs our help and our prayers. 

Will you consider helping a child in need like Kaylee have her basic and very critical needs met by making a gift to Thornwell today?  

When you give, Kaylee gets everything she needs. She gets a warm home and caregivers who ensure she is eating well, getting the help and attention she needs in school, and provide the stable environment that is so critical to every child’s development and emotional health.  

Today more than ever we need your help to give Kaylee safety, hope, and the feeling of ‘just being a kid’ again.   

It’s only possible with the help of support like yours.

By the way, did you know there are currently 37 kids living on Thornwell’s residential campus right now? It isn’t safe for them to go back home yet. We offer them a family-like environment where they not only ARE safe, but they also FEEL safe. That’s important. Thornwell provides children with access to counseling services by masters-level trained and licensed therapists who help them cope with their trauma. 

 Children who’ve been neglected or abused can thrive when generous people like you decide to help.

You have the power to help children like Kaylee. To make it easy for you to donate in a few clicks, visit

Thank you for being the power behind this vital work to help a child in need. Please know we are praying for you, your family, or other loved ones through this di­fficult time. Your prayers for Thornwell and those we serve are deeply appreciated and felt.

By Rev. Elliot M. Smith, President

P.S. Monthly giving is a great way to stretch your gift and sustain our mission all year long–learn more online at!

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