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Your Giving in Action

You’re Helping Families Endure the Global Pandemic

Did you know the first five years of life are the most essential to a child’s brain development? That can be overwhelming for any parent in normal circumstances, but now, in the midst of a global pandemic and widespread job loss, overwhelming doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Family changes everything, and we’re in a season where family is changing everything.

Thanks to you, families are not alone.

Your support of our mission to provide a continuum of care to children and families means we are meeting families and their children right where they are to bridge a gap and make a way forward.

Did you know? South Carolina has the third highest amount of low-income families with children in the home (Kids Count, 2017).

Lack of available and affordable childcare can interfere with a family’s ability to find and maintain jobs while still preparing their children for school. Because this is the reality that many families face, we want to continue providing a high-quality child development center. You make this possible!

In the midst of the pandemic, 50% of the families moving into our 3K program reported job loss or a significant cut in work hours and pay.

We had to do something…and that’s when you stepped up!

Thanks to you and the generosity of the Olive Tree Foundation, we are able to provide families with financial assistance scholarships so their children can attend preschool. Parents are able to focus on finding jobs.

Because of your faithful support in uncertain times, our staff are also equipped to offer creative solutions to support families in crisis.

Anthony, a parent whose child is enrolled at the Child Development Center shared that the program has made an incredible impact on his daughter.

She’s learned how to interact with other children, and she’s growing to be more independent every day. In addition to the cognitive enrichment, he says the Christian ethics the children learn set the program apart.

“Thornwell teaches kids the values that I teach my child at home,” Anthony said. “They teach them good Christian values. They teach them how to love.”

Your prayers and support have made a way for countless families to endure this season. Without these scholarships, parents like Anthony would not have childcare at all—much less a loving school that cares for his daughter’s academic, emotional, and spiritual growth.

Thank you for giving during a time such as this!

You can give today to impact more children and families through our Child Development Center!

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