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Your Support Turns Burdens Into Blessings for Jeremiah!

Eight-year-old Jeremiah has always loved superheroes. He likes that they wear capes and can help people when they are hurt or sad. Somehow, they make bad situations better. So, that’s what he grew up trying to be for his little sisters – a protector in the home when real life got a little too scary for them to bear. The three of them shared a bed and he often pretended their blanket was his superhero cape that would shield them from cold, loud noises and harm.

So, you might imagine the burden Jeremiah felt when it wasn’t safe enough for these siblings to stay in their home. He was separated from his sisters; each of them placed in a different foster home. He arrived at the home of his Thornwell foster parents, Tammi and Bill, with a heavy heart. He grappled with the weight of responsibility no child should ever have to take on and he missed his sisters terribly.

“We decided we wanted to make our home a safe place for children, whether it’s for a week or a lifetime,” said Tammi. “We were committed to helping Jeremiah take comfort in knowing he would see his sisters again.

As Thornwell foster parents, Tammi and Bill have been licensed and trained to support children like Jeremiah who have endured great trauma. Your selfless gifts to our Foster Care program mean Tammi and Bill are met with 24/7 support from their Thornwell foster care family specialists.  Together, they worked to find solutions that would help Jeremiah heal.

The experiences of Jeremiah’s neglect left him overweight for his age and he didn’t know how to properly use the bathroom. Tammi, Bill, and their family specialist developed a plan that helped Jeremiah learn about healthy foods that they’d always make available to him, as well as proper hygiene. In a matter of months, Jeremiah is now finding joy in playing outside and is on track to a healthier weight and better hygiene.  He’s been able to just be a kid again!

Jeremiah and his sisters now see each other regularly, too! Your gifts help grow Thornwell’s foster parent network, creating new connections between families and social workers, and helping the bond between siblings to continue to grow strong. Now, when Jeremiah plays superhero, it’s because he is free to use his imagination to explore new galaxies or leap tall buildings. Your support turns burdens into blessings. Thank you!

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