Foster Care is Love

Foster care can be a scary idea for people and families who are considering becoming foster parents. But it’s even scarier for the kids who make up the foster care system. 450,000+ kids (Over 4200 in South Carolina) that have been abused, neglected, experienced the death of a parent, or something equally horrible. Kids in […]

Moon Sand and Foster Care

To you, this might just look like a mess. To me, it tells a story of some of the many things foster care is. All the white powdery stuff is moon sand. A simple combination of corn starch and baby oil that becomes a sand-like substance that keeps kids busy for hours and creates an […]

Who are foster kids?

I don’t like to use the term “foster kid.” I try to say “kids in foster care” as much as I can. These children have many labels put on them which often can help them access the resources they need, but “foster kid” isn’t always a helpful label. These are normal kids who have experienced […]

Foster Parents are Superheroes

Foster parents are superheroes. They are more like Batman or Ironman and less like Superman or Spiderman. Foster parents don’t have superpowers – They don’t have anything that makes them fundamentally different from anybody else. What they do have is training, support, access to resources, and a knowledge that there is something that needs to […]

Being a Foster Parent is Frustrating and So Much More

Google tells me that frustrating means causing someone to feel upset or annoyed, typically as a result of being unable to change or achieve something. Sounds like foster care! From the application process to the actual foster parenting, there are many points at which you feel might upset or annoyed that you can’t change or […]

What is Respite Care?

Respite foster care is defined as temporary planned alternative childcare that lasts longer than 72 hours but less than two weeks. A family who does respite foster care is willing and able to care for a child in foster care for a short period of time. One example is emergency respite, where you care for […]

Coffee shop owner’s cup runneth over

Michael Bacaro opened a coffee bar and bake shop in downtown Simpsonville, SC for the same reason he chooses to be a foster parent: He saw a need for it. Bacaro and his wife, Roxanne, worked as house parents at a residential care facility for children after graduating from college. Several years later, after leaving […]